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As a leading frozen food company with over 30 years in experience and high capability, Surapon Foods Public Company Limited is aware of the importance of human resources as a core drive to move the Company forward to success.

Aside from stability, fair remuneration, good working environment and work safety for our employees, we have “Foresee Team Spirit” as the Company’s core value. The “Foresee Team Spirit” focuses on teamwork, goodwill as well as cooperation as a means to build up Team Spirit in the working environment.

We intently encourage development in all knowledge and capabilities in order to have our employees become professionals and be ready for any changes. Through such development, they would be competent to utilize their potentials and outstanding capability to develop the Company efficiently with ethics to relevant parties. This is set as the Company’s determination as “Your Total Quality.”

Core Competency
Of Surapon Foods Public Company Limited’s Employees
“Foresees Team Spirit”

C 1 Customer Focus
Build up relationship and satisfaction through approach strategies for both internal and external customers. The internal customers mean colleagues and executives in the same or different departments. The external customers mean customers who purchase the Company’s products, trading partners and all of those who contact the Company.

C 2 Change Management
Initiate and support the Company’s personnel to improve and change it for higher effectiveness. An example is capability to make adjustment to accept anything beneficial to the Company that conforms with change and leads to work success.

C 3 Communication
Implement two-way communication to allow others to have good understanding and promote mutual understanding among all related parties. Examples include clarity in communication, monitoring of communication, easy understanding via communication, mutual understanding, and receiver of information from others.

C 4 Cost Effectiveness
Manage resources efficiently and effectively through cost effectiveness. Examples include savings of resources, reduction of waste, and efficient work system.ม

Team Spirit
Work efficiently as a team in all work groups including their own work groups and others in order to achieve the Company’s goal. This shall regard to others’ requirements, effort to support others, listening to others, adherent to and implementation of group resolution, and emphasis more on the Company or group’s goal than their own goal. Examples include support, coordination, improvement, suggestion, cooperation in work, and sincerity for success attainment.

Career at SSF