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Surapon Foods Public Company Limited, as a part of Thai society, operates its business for more than 30 years. We willfully intend to benefit Thai society by categorizing CSR core strategies into the following three (3) levels

1. Organizational Level. We concentrate on administration and development of employees and executives to contain private life and work life balances through several activities. These activities include human resource development via tailor-made courses for employees at each level, promotion of work safety, Happy Work Place program, and emphasis on environmentally-friendly production processes.

2. Close Society Level. In regard to customers and trading partners, we focus on operating businesses with integrity and ethics. Notification on the code of conducts is made. Promotion of neighboring communities is done in several aspects including student activities and environmental care – mangrove forest, rivers, canals, natural water resources etc.

3. Remote Society Level. As a citizen like, the Company and an exporter from Thailand, we pay attention on abiding by laws, regulations on trade and foods of each trading partner countries, and, at all time, cooperate with the country’s state agencies.