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Production Process

Surapon Foods Public Company Limited intends to produce products with quality and safety in conformity with international quality standards and trade partner countries’ laws. Quality control is done in all of the following production processes from the beginning to delivery to customers.

Product Design and Development
Products are required to pass through product design and development with regard to food safety based on Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point: HACCP.

Production Process and Quality Control
The Company strictly controls quality and safety of foods through administration, work environment, basic infrastructure, facilities, control, maintenance, continuous improvement and health care standards such as water, ice used in the factories, cleaning of equipment, tools and machinery, control of contamination, prevention of adulterator in products (checked by metal detector), human resources’ health care, control and elimination of insects and pest, control and elimination of factory garbage and waste, chemical control and storage.
Based on such operations, the Company was granted certification on its production process from many agencies such as Good Manufacturing Practices: GMPs, HACCP, British Retail Consortium: BRC, and ISO 22000. This gives customer confidence and satisfaction on its products’ cleanliness, food safety and food traceability.

Safety on Production and Prevention of Danger on Products
The Company prevents contamination from those with bad intention through the operation of food security under BRC and customer requirements. These requirements include control and prevention of outsiders’ entry and exit, strict measure of the employees’ entry-exit control in the risk areas, and prevention from internal and external factory structure through cameras’ investigation.

Environmental Policy
With its awareness of social responsibility, the Company designs environmental friendly production process that causes none of any problems to the communities, none of pollution and conforms with requirements of laws pertinent to the environment and factory.