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Customer Service

Place to buy our products
1. Frozen Foods zone in all leading Hypermarkets and Supermarkets in Thailand included Tesco Lotus, Big C Supercenter, Tops Supermarket, Tops Market, Home Fresh Mart, Gourmet Market, Villa Market, etc.
2. Contact directly to our Sales Representative, If you have never contact any sales representative please dial 02-745-6240 ext. 300
3. Surapon Foods Domesic Sales Offices

3.1 Theparak Branch, Tel. 02-358-3038-54 Ext. 230 Fax. 02-754-6411

3.2 Sathorn Branch, Tel. 02-678-6182 Fax. 02-678-6182

3.3 Pattaya Branch, Tel. 038-371-207 Fax. 038-371-206

Time and date of service

  Bangkok Metropolis and Suburbs Up-country
Time and date of service  Monday-Friday 8:00 – 18:00 h.
(Order 1 day in advance before 18:00 h.)
8:00 – 18:00 h.
Time and date of delivery 1 day after order. According to Company’s delivery schedule.

***For order after 18:00 h., the delivery will be within 2 days***

Steps of product order can be done through these 4 means:
1. Sales Representative
Remark: If you have never contact any sales representative, please dial 02-7456270-7 ext. 100 or
E-mail: info@surapon.com

2. EDI System
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for retailer.

3. Telephone: 02-7456270-1 ต่อ ext. 100,104,300
4. Fax: 02-7456272

Terms of order

  Bangkok Metropolis and suburbs Up-country
Minimum value per order 3,000 baht or more 5,000 baht or more
Type of order Full box order Full box order
Remark The company reserves its right not to accept any sales return for any reason, except for only defection from production and delivery.

Microwave and refrigerator is available for service. Customers can get more details from their sales representative or contact 02-7456270 ext. 300.

Malfunction of microwave or refrigerator case

• For area within Bangkok metropolis, please contact 02-7456270 ext. 300 or sales representative. The changing of the malfunctioning appliance would be done in 24 hours for normal workday. If it is the company’s holiday, the service would be done the day after.

• For up-country, please contact 02-7456270 ext. 300 or sales representative.

In case of raising complaint

Any complaints on products or services, please contact customer support tel. 02- 7456270 ext. 131 or E-mail: info@surapon.com